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Shimmering Data Flex - online back security as easy as 1-2 -3. Upload the files to backup, access them anywhere.

Select the files you want to upload.

Shimmering Data Flex is an online backup solution. It will backup all of the files and folders that you choose. Installs in minutes. Once the initial backup is complete, Shimmering Data Flex will automatically save any changes to your files or backup any new files added.

You can set your backup schedule and Shimmering Data Flex will run in the background, without you having to do anything.

Your files are uploaded to the cloud.

Shimmering Data Flex automatically backs up your files to the Cloud at the same time every day that you schedule. You can also run a backup whenever you choose if you have something you need to protect urgently.

All data transferred to the cloud is incredibly secure and is protected by a 256-bit Banking level (AES-256) SSL encryption. Your files are stored with 24-hour surveillance.

Access your files anywhere, anytime.

Shimmering Data Flex has completely eliminated the need for a USB stick, all of your files are now with you wherever you go!

Shimmering Data Flex stores your files in its cloud. Your files are not only safe and secure, but they are also accessible from any device, anytime, from anywhere in the world. Just simply log in online to view your files and download them. You can also use our FREE mobile apps for your iPhone, Android and Windows 8 phones!

Now securing your data with Shimmering Flex Data Security also secures the future of the organizations in our Charity Focus simply by adding their codes in the coupon box during checkout!

Easter Seals Dixon Center: ESDIXON  |  Best Friends Animal Society: BFAS  |  Kiva: KIVA